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Mechanical Alloy





The Emax  is a new ball mill specially developed for high intensity grinding. Produces shock and friction forces to produce ultrafine particles (in the range of 80-100 nm), with very narrow size distributions and in very short times (on the order of 100 min). The working frequency can be selected between 180 and 2000 rpm. It has a water cooling system that makes it possible to take full advantage of the energy released during the grinding process without the sample overheating and a temperature control with automatic speed reduction when it is exceeded and memory to resume the grinding program. . We have 50 ml jars and 3 mm and 10 mm diameter balls, both made of tungsten carbide. It allows both wet and dry grinding using different solvents. It also allows grinding in a vacuum or in inert atmospheres. 



It generates an oscillating vibration in the horizontal plane that causes impact and friction forces and executes memorized programs with a frequency of 180 to 1800 rpm. We have grinding jars and balls of 3 different materials: tungsten carbide, zirconium oxide and stainless steel. The volume of the jars is 25 ml. It allows both dry and wet grinding using solvents.



It generates a planetary type movement (centrifugal force), with circular rotation and translation that favors shear forces and executes memorized programs with a frequency of 30 to 400 rpm. It has 4 stainless steel jars that can be used simultaneously and with a volume of 250 ml. It allows both dry and wet grinding using solvents.