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Mª Pilar Marín Palacios



Director of Institute of Applied Magnetism since October 2017. Professor of the Condensed Area at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid since 2021. She is the author of over 120 scientific publications, 20 patents and director of 4 doctoral theses. Their publications have 2071 citations with H = 24 index. She has participated in 40 projects of competitive research of national and international calls being Principal Investigator of European projects, INNPACTO, AVANZA, of the Community of Madrid, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and NATO. She has participated as a principal investigator in numerous projects with companies. II Talgo Award for Technological Innovation (2001) and Prize I Ideas Contest “Spin-off” of the Community of Madrid (June 2003). I Technology and Knowledge Transfer Award. Technical director of the start-up and creation of the technology-based company Micromag 2000, S.L.​

Antonio Hernando Grande



Emeritus Professor of Magnetism of the Department of Materials Physics. Founder of the Institute of Applied Magnetism. He is the author of more than 300 scientific publications, with more than 15,000 quotations (H = 60). He is co-author of 17 patents; Has directed 22 doctoral theses. It has been IP of more than 40 projects with public financing and more than 60 contracts of transfer with the industry. He is Academician of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences; Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of the Basque Country; Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Cantabria. Gold Medal of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics; Research Prize Miguel Catalán of the Community of Madrid; Fellow of the American Physical Society; Dupont Award for Science; And National Research Award “Juan de la Cierva”.

José María González Calbet



Professor of Inorganic Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the UCM. He is the author of over 450 publications with over 6400 citations (H = 49). He has directed 18 doctoral theses and is author of 4 patents. It has participated in 35 public funded projects being IP in 28 of them. He has been principal investigator in 5 contracts with companies. More than 45 contributions to conferences as guest lecturer. Prizes awarded most relevant: Novel researcher awarded by the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry) 1985; Prize “Franco-Espagnol 2000”, granted by the “Société Française de Chimie”; Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry), 2006. Director of the CAI X-Ray Diffraction of the UCM since 1996. Director of the National Electronic Microscopy Center since 2010. Manager of the National Materials Program, January 1993-December 1995.

Patricia de la Presa Muñoz-de Toro



Patricia de la Presa is Professor in the area of Condensed Matter Physics at the Complutense University of Madrid, specially focused on the studies of calorimetric properties of magnetic nanoparticles subjected to radiofrequency fields, and Academic Secretary of the Institute of Applied Magnetism. She has published about 70 articles with 1100 citations (h-index=19), and participated in numerous international conferences as invited talks. She has an excellent track record in training and mentoring overseas postdoctoral researchers; she has also supervised 15 Master’s thesis, as well as 2 Ph.D. students, and currently 3 ongoing Ph.D. theses. She participated in 20 competitive research projects of national and international calls, being the Principal Investigator of 3 projects. At present, she participates in the “RADIOMAG ACTION COST, an international network for hyperthermia cancer treatment conformed by 26 European groups. In the last few years she established collaborations with industry and was responsible for a contract with the public company CEDEX with a budget of 300 k€. In addition, she is reviewer of research projects in Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland, and regular referee for research articles in prestigious scientific journals.

José María Alonso Rodríguez




Scientist of the ICMM of the CSIC. Co-author of 90 articles of the SCI and a patent. Co-directed a thesis of two undergraduate degrees in Advanced Studies and three doctoral theses. He has participated in 20 R & D projects and advised and collaborated with different companies and participated in a Contract with ERTMS Users Group.

Elena Navarro Palma



Full Professor in the Materials Physics Department at UCM and currently a researcher member of IMA. She obtained her PhD under supervision of Prof. Antonio Hernando in the study of magnetic properties of metastable phases in FeRh alloys. From 2000 to 2004 she investigated at IMM-CSIC on the synthesis of nanoparticles and thin films deposited by sputtering and the modulation of its magnetics interactions by capping materials. From 2005 to 2017 her research was focused on superconducting-magnetic proximity effect at UCM. Also, in this period she worked at ICMM-CSIC in the deposition of magnetic nanoparticles and core-shell nanoparticles by gas-phase-aggregation source. She is author of 60 scientific publications with 750 quotations (h=15) and she has participated on more than 25 projects with public financing. Her current interest at IMA involves different research lines: Graphene large scale production by Ball-Milling; the search of new Permanent Magnets in the form on soft-hard Composites; the fabrication and characterization of Ferromagnetic Carbides nanostructured based on Mn and the Microwave scattering by Amorphous Ferromagnetic Microwires.

César González Pascual



Associate Professor in the Condensed Matter area in the Materials Physics Department of the Complutense University of Madrid. He is leading researcher in theoretical simulations based on the Density Functional Theory applied to the study of the electro-chemical properties of a great variety of materials. He has published around 80 articles in peer-review journals, obtaining more than 1600 citations on the Scopus database (h-index=23).  He has presented his work in more than 40 talks in international congresses, meetings, or institutions (ten invited talks). He has participated in more than 20 national or international projects, being the principal researcher in several computational projects. He had co-supervised different Final Year Degree Project and Master Thesis as well as one postdoctoral fellow. At this moment, he is supervising two PdD students.



Dr. Jesús López Sánchez PhD
Dr. Fernando Gálvez Alonso PhD
Dr. Miguel Angel Cobos


Dr. Esther Calle Ramírez PhD INPROTECT
Irene Morales Casero Pre-doctoral student
Papa Gueye Pre-doctoral student
Dhoha Rashed D Alshalawi Pre-doctoral student
Omar Díaz Luque Pre-doctoral student U. Nebrija
María Sonsoles García Alonso Pre-doctoral student U. Nebrija
Alvaro Peña Moreno Pre-doctoral student
Alberto Castellano Soria Pre-doctoral student
Daniel Arranz López Pre-doctoral student




J. Antonio Fernández Grande Financial Manager
Conchi Jurado Martin Administrative Assistant
Alicia Algar Miranda Administrative Assistant




Dr. Rafael Pérez del Real Scientific Researcher ICMM
Dr. Agustina Asenjo Barahona Scientific Researcher ICMM
Prof. María del Puerto Morales Herrero Research Professor ICMM
Prof. Mar García Hernández Research Professor ICMM
Dr. Carmen Munuera López Scientist ICMM
Prof. Manuel Vázquez Villalabeitia Research Professor ICMM
Dr. Miguel Ángel García García-Tuñón  Scientific Researcher ICV
Prof. José F. Fernández Lozano Research Professor ICV


Prof. María Vallet-Regí Full Professor 
Prof. Jacobo Santamaría Full Professor 
Dr. Oscar Rodríguez Associate Professor 
Dr. Zouhair Sefrioui Associate Professor 
Dr. Carlos León Associate Professor 
Dr. Arantzazu Mascaraque Associate Professor 
Dr. Miguel Angel González Associate Professor 
Dr. Rocío Ranchal Sánchez Associate Professor 
Dr. Noemí Carmona Associate Professor
Dr. Fátima Martín Hernández Associate Professor


  • Prof. Francisco Javier Lafuente Martínez
Honorary Professor UCM
  • Prof. Manuel Vázquez Villalabeitia
Honorary Professor UCM
  • Dr. Marta María Multigner Domínguez
Honorary Collaborator UCM