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Welcome to the Complutense University of Madrid Job Opportunities pages. Here you will find an overview of the type of positions and current vacancies at UCM. You will also find additional information concerning the selection procedures and other services.

We have three main staff groups at UCM:

  • Academic and Research Staff: it includes the different positions defined by the Spanish Science and Technology System related to the academic career at Universities, such as civil servants of the academic bodies, interim positions, contracted professor doctor, doctor assistants, assistants, associated teachers.
  • Research Staff: includes postdoctoral and predoctoral contracts, frequently funded by public administrations, as well as research assistant positions funded within specific projects (both research and technical assistants).
  • Administration and Services Staff: from civil servants to temporary staff may be found here, for positions related to the management and administration of the university, and to various services needed for the maintenance and others.

The University values diversity and is committed to equal opportunities policy. 


How to apply

All the vacancies are announced at the employment website of the UCM: https://www.ucm.es/empleo-ucm

Clicking on each type of positions you will see what are the vacancies currently open to applications.


- Online Applications: 

Each position will indicate in its announcement if the online application is available. In that case, just click in the link available in the vacancy website. You will have to register and follow the instructions. Frequently, you will have to fulfill the online form, upload the documents proving the merits alleged in your CV, and print and sign your application form and then send it to the UCM by the means allowed by the Spanish regulation.

See Guidance to applications online, which will help you through the process of filling in the online application and sending the hardcopy of the signed form. 

The job announcement (or the vacancy website) will tell you who to contact if you have any questions about the job. If you have technical difficulties with the online system, then contact inves.seleccion@ucm.es for help. If you cannot apply online—for example, if you have a disability—then this person will be able to provide you with a paper application form or other suitable alternative format.


- Vacancies which do not allow online Applications

The job announcement or the vacancy website will explain how and where to apply, and will provide a contact email for any questions.

To apply for a position, you will normally need to complete an Application Form, and to submit your CV together with the documents or elements proving the merits alleged in it. You must carefully read the call for position and respect the deadlines of the process.


For information about how your personal data are used as an applicant, pleas see Applicant data document.

work at Ucm

Work at UCM

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