UCM Code of good practices in research

On February 2019 a work group has been created with the aim to create the UCM Code of good practices in research.

According to the Action Plan, the code shall be based on fundamental principles of research integrity defined by EC: Reliability, Honesty, Respect, Accountability. The code shall describe good research practices in contexts such as: research environment; trainign and supervision; research procedures; data management; colaborative working; publication and dissemination; evaluation. It shall also include: commitment to inform about contingencies in research projects; compliance with UCM policies; sumbission of research proposals; ethical and regulatory issues; intellectual property and commercialization; conflicts of interest; documenting results; etc. The code of good practices shall be available online to all newcomers and present research staff.

The group shall also desing self-assessment and self-training tools related to good practices in research.

The Group is composed by researchers from the four great research areas at UCM.

Working process

The Group has started its work and meets periodically to advance in a proposal that shall be communicated and validated, and submitted for approval to the relevant bodies.

Members of the Working Group

Health Sciences:

  • Onintza Sagredo Ezkioga. Secretary of the University Instituto of Research in Biochemistry. Department of biochemistry and molecular biology. School of Medicine. 
  • José Manuel Bautista Santa Cruz. Director of the research group in disease, infection and tolerance. Faculty of Veterinary. Academic senate. 

Social and Legal Sciences:

  • Joaquín Sánchez Herrera. Vice-dean of Science Policy, PhD and Own titles. Department of Business Organisation and Marketing. Faculty of Information Sciences. Academic Senate. Regulations Committee. 
  • Faustino José Martínez Martínez. Vice-dean of research and scientific policy. Member of the research group Savigny. Department of roman law and history of law. School of Law. 

Experimental Sciences:

  • Narciso Martí Oliet. Vice-dean for Postgraduate programmes. Director of the research group Formal Design and Analysis of Software Systems. Department of Computer Systems and Computation. School of Computer Science.
  • Cristina Sánchez García. Vice-dean of Research. Faculty of Biological Sciences.   


  • Susana Calvo Capilla. Vice-dean of Research and PhD. Member of the research group Architecture and Integration of the Arts in the Middle Age. Department of History of the Art. School of Geography and History.
  • Emilio Peral Vega. Director de la Escuela de Doctorado. Director del grupo de invgestigación literatura y cultura de la guerra civil. Departamento de literaturas hispánicas y bibliografía. Facultad de Filología.

Coordinates: Marta Arregui García-Miguel. support technician to the manager.