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UCM Code of Good Practice in PhD

Working process

A working group was created to design and implement a pilot program for PhD thesis directors.

After an evaluation of the Workshops on PhD thesis supervision held at the PhD School, the group suggested to create an UCM Code of good practice in PhD, with the aim to improve the quality of the PhD theses and the supervisory processes at UCM. Such code should also be the basis for the future workshops addressed to PhD theses directors.

After four months of analysis, discussions and creative work (November 2018-February 2019), an UCM Code of good practice in PhD was proposed to the UCM PhD Committee.

The Working Group was composed by researchers from the four different scientific domains (click here for details).

Members of the Working Group

Arts and Humanities:

  • Anne-Marie Reboul. Coordinator of the PhD programme French Studies DEF-UCM. Member of the research group The Europe of Writing. Interdisciplinary and international research group on the relationship between writing and image. Department of French Philology. School of Philology.
  • Susana Calvo Capilla. Vice-dean of Research and PhD. Member of the research group Architecture and Integration of the Arts in the Middle Age. Department of History of the Art. School of Geography and History.

Health sciences: 

  • José Ramón Regueiro. Member of the research group Lymphocyte Immunobiology.  Director of the PhD Programme Research in Medical-Surgical Sciences. Director of the Department of Immunology, Ophthalmology and ENT. School of Medicine. Academic Senate. Regulations Committee.
  • Alejandro Iglesias Linares. Vice-dean for Research, Postgraduate and PhD programmes. Coordinator of the PhD programme on Odontological Siences. Coordinator of the Master programme in Odontological Sciences. Member of the Research group  Craneofacial biology:  Orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. Department of Clinical Odontological Specialties. School of Odontology.

Social sciences and Law:

  • Joaquín Sánchez Herrera. Vice-dean of Science Policy, PhD and Own titles. Member of the Research group Branding and Integrated communication centre. Department of Business Organisation and Marketing. Faculty of Information Sciences. Academic Senate. Regulations Committee. 
  • Roberto Cremades Andreu. Vice-dean for Research and Postgraduate programmes. Director of the research group Musical Education form a Social and Psychological Perspective. Department of Language Didactics, Arts and Physical Education. Faculty of Education - Teacher Training Centre.

Experimental sciences: 

  • Narciso Martí Oliet. Vice-dean for Postgraduate programmes. Director of the research group Formal Design and Analysis of Software Systems. Department of Computer Systems and Computation. School of Computer Science.
  • Luis Mario Fraile Prieto. Director of the Erasmus Mundus programme Plasma Physics and Nuclear Fusion. Codirector of the research group on Nuclear Physics. Department of Structure of Matter, Thermal Physics and Electronics.  School of Physics Sciences. Academic Senate.

Together with:

Emilio Peral Vega. Director of the PhD School. Director of the research group Civil War Literature and Culture. Department of Hispanic Literatures and Bibliography. School of Philology.

Coordinates: Marta Arregui García-Miguel. support technician to the manager. Since October 2019: Meritxel López Gallardo, Advisor to the Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer