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SSIM: .java and .class

Source code: SSIM_index.java  .class: SSIM_index.class. Please, read the user manual before installing these plugins.


Copyright. This is the equivalent of Zhou Wang"s SSIM MatLab code (as a Java plugin inside ImageJ) from http://www.cns.nyu.edu/~zwang/files/research/ssim/index.html. Main reference: Zhou Wang, A. C. Bovik, H. R. Sheikh, and E. P. Simoncelli, “Image quality assessment: From error visibility to structural similarity”, IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 13, pp. 600–612, Apr. 2004.


Permission to use, copy, or modify this software and its documentation for educational and research purposes only and without fee is hereby granted, provided that this copyright notice and the original authors" names appear on all copies and supporting documentation. This program shall not be used, rewritten, or adapted as the basis of a commercial software or hardware product without first obtaining permission of the  authors. The authors make no representations about the suitability of this software for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.


Please, refer to this version as: Gabriel Prieto, Margarita Chevalier, Eduardo Guibelalde. "SSIM Index as a Java plugin for ImageJ“ Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine. Universidad Complutense. Madrid. SPAIN. https://www.ucm.es/gabriel_prieto/ssim-java-and-class