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SSIM: a Java plugin in ImageJ

Images from: 

H.R. Sheikh, Z.Wang, L. Cormack and A.C. Bovik, "LIVE Image Quality Assessment 

Database Release 2", http://live.ece.utexas.edu/research/quality


One of the areas of our interest at the moment is the evaluation of SSIM index family, as a set of useful tools to analyze several aspects of radiological images. These metrics are based on the analysis of the structural similarity of two images.


As an intermediate result, we have developed  in Java a plugin version for  ImageJ of the SSIM index, created by Zhou Wang et al. It is our aim to share  our  programs as Open Source Software with the scientific community.


In this web you can download this software tool (developed as a ImageJ plugin) and the user manual. Also you can download some test images with our results. We have tested our plugin with Einstein’s images in Zhou Wang’s home page, with almost identical results.