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MS-SSIM: .java and .class

Source code: MS_SSIM_index.java Class: MS_SSIM_index.class. Please, read the user manual before installing these plugins.


Copyright. This is the equivalent of Zhou Wang"s MS_SSIM index (as a Java plugin inside ImageJ) Also, this plugin performs the equivalent of David M. Rouse and Sheila S. Hemami"s MS_SSIM* index. Please read the user manual  to see the conditions of use of this plugin.


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  • Please, refer to this version as: Gabriel Prieto, Margarita Chevalier, Eduardo Guibelalde. “MS_SSIM Index as a Java plugin for ImageJ“ Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine. Universidad Complutense. Madrid. SPAIN. https://www.ucm.es/gabriel_prieto/ms-ssim