Grupos de investigación

Research Network projects

  • TextLink Structuring Discourse in Multilingual Europe (COST Action IS1312)

Effective discourse in any language is characterized by clear relations between sentences and coherent structure. But languages vary in how relations and structure are signalled. While monolingual dictionaries and grammars can characterise the words and sentences of a language and bilingual dictionaries can do the same between languages, there is nothing similar for discourse. For discourse, however, discourse-annotated corpora are becoming available in individual languages.

The TextLink Action will facilitate European multilingualism by (1) identifying and creating a portal into such resources within Europe “including annotation tools, search tools, and discourse-annotated corpora; (2) delineating the dimensions and properties of discourse annotation across corpora; (3) organising these properties into a sharable taxonomy; (4) encouraging the use of this taxonomy in subsequent discourse annotation and in cross-lingual search and studies of devices that relate and structure discourse; and (5) promoting use of the portal, its resources and sharable taxonomy. With partners from across Europe, TextLink will unify numerous but scattered linguistic resources on discourse structure. With its resources searchable by form and/or meaning and a source of valuable correspondences, TextLink will enhance the experience and performance of human translators, lexicographers, language technology and language learners alike.

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  • Contragram research network (Contrastive linguistics: Constructional and functional approaches)

The research network on ‘Contrastive linguistics: Constructional and functional approaches’ aims to promote expertise on the interaction between contrastive linguistics and constructional and/or functional linguistics. The network is a Scientific Research Network (in Dutch Wetenschappelijke OnderzoeksgemeenschapWOG), funded by the Research Foundation — Flanders (FWO).

It brings together twelve research teams with internationally renowned reputations at the intersection of contrastive linguistics and language typology on the one hand and construction grammar and/or functional linguistics on the other hand. Through several concrete initiatives, we want to develop a thorough theoretical and methodological reflection on the interaction between the mentioned disciplines and frameworks.

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CorpusNet is a hub of bilingual and multilingual corpora and related resources featuring any of the languages of Spain (Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque) alongside other languages.Its mission is threefold:

1.Promote more ambitious and more visible research by facilitating easier access to existing resources and encouraging users cooperation.

2. Provide a starting point for a Spanish-based resource hub, which additional groups may consider joining in the future.

3. Pave the way for far-reaching, international collaboration within the framework of H2020 and the European Digital Agenda.

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