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UCM Animal Facility

The UCM Animal Facility is a Research Support Center of the Complutense University of Madrid. It provides support services in relation to animal research, including animal breeding, supplying and using of animals in scientific experiments. The Animal Facility complies with requirements relating to animal experimentation (86/609/EEC DC, RD 1201/2005).

Products and Services

Maintenance of colonies of animals (including transgenic “Knock out", immunocompromised animals, etc).
Acquisition and maintenance of different species of experimental animals, such as rodents, lagomorphs, birds, and mphibians.
Accommodation of different species and strains in desired conditions.
Handling and inoculation protocols and fluids extraction.
Anesthesia of animals.
Euthanasia of experimental animals.
Counselling for fulfilling the requirements established by the Complutense Committee on Animal Testing.
Prevention and medical treatment of animals regarding, among others, the use of  antiparasitic agents and  post- surgical treatments.
Control of animal waste (droppings , bedding , corps) to prevent the risk of environmental contamination.