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SENATE - Definition, functions and composition

UCM Statutes: articles 41 and 42

1. The Senate is the University community’s principal representative body.

2. The Senate’s function:

a) Draft the Statutes and agree to, when necessary, changes to them.

b) Approve the University Ombudsperson Regulations, the Senate Regulations, the General Regulations of Centres and Structures and the Electoral Regulations.

c) Approve the University Community Regulations that will include the Statute of Academic and Research Staff, the Statute of Students, the Statute of Administration and Services Staff, the Statute of contracted Researchers, the Statute of Research Fellows and the Academic Discipline Regulations.

d) Carry out the extraordinary Rector elections as stipulated in article 77 of the Statutes.

e) Choose the University Ombudsperson under the terms stipulated in the Statutes.

f) Appoint the delegated commissions it believes are necessary for its best operation.

g) Appoint the seven University Professors who constitute the Claims Commission, as referred to in article 66.2 of the Organic Law of Universities and its development regulations. There must be at least one representative from each knowledge sector: Arts and Humanities, Sciences and Engineering, Health Sciences, and Social and Legal Sciences.

h) Choose their representatives in the Governing Council, in accordance with article 74 of the Statutes.

i) Hold an annual meeting to discuss the report presented by the Rector about the state of the University.

j) Formulate recommendations and proposals.

k) Discuss the University’s strategic and programmatic lines, as well as the directives and procedures for their application, to be transmitted to the Governing Council.

l) Any other responsibilities assigned by the current legislation.

3. They may not delegate, in a decisional manner, any of the functions established in points a), b), c), d), e), f), g), h) and i), which may be delegated for the purpose of studying and creating proposals.

Composition of the Senate

The Academic Senate will be composed of:

a) The University Rector, who will chair the Senate, the Registrar and the Chief Operating Officer.

b) 300 representatives from different sectors in the university community, divided as follows:

    - 53% for the Tenured Faculty Members at the University

    - 10% for the remaining Academic and Research Staff

    - 25% for the Students

    - 12% for the Administration and Services Staff.