Scientific Culture

Unit for Scientific Information

The primary objective of The Unit for Scientific Information is to increase the interest and knowledge among Spanish society on science and research.

Its main target audience is the scientific community, students, media and the general public.

The area of Scientific Information is responsible for the organization of news, interviews, audiovisual materials and monographs on scientific subjects, as well as a course on dissemination of scientific culture. In addition, the Unit provides information about The Complutense Research Awards.

For further information visit the Unit for Scientific Information of our Spanish website

UCC+I Network

The Unit of Scientific Culture of the Knowledge Transfer Office has become a member of the UCC+I Network (Units of Scientific Culture and Innovation Network) of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), having successfully passed the process registration.

Dissemination Event  


The Knowledge Transfer Office organizes the participation of researchers in the major scientific events that take place in the Community of Madrid, where the latest breakthroughs are shown in a simple, enjoyable and participatory manner. The way of bringing science to society in this kind of events has been remarkably successful, as the figures show an increase in attendance year after year.