Research and Business

Spanish Universities Act 6/2001

The article 83 of Spanish Universities Act 6/2001 regulates the collaboration between universities and the business sector.

According to the Spanish regulation, the universities can provide the following types of services: 

  • Research and experimental development.

  • Research oriented to the implementation of new technologies

  • Artistic creations

  • Consultancy activities

  • Technical services

  • Teaching activities in the field of specialization and training and development programs

Contracts and Agreements

The procedure for contracts or agreements according to the article 83 of Spanish Universities Act 6/2001 is the following:

  • Preliminary Agreement

  • Submission of documents (contract and annexes) to the Knowledge Transfer Office (OTRI)

  • Approval of the Research Committee of UCM

  • Both parties signature (university and company)

  • Development of the research activity

  • Presentation of the final report once the research is finished