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Research and Development Funding

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European Funding

The Research and Development Office provides support to researchers to find European funding opportunities.

The Office keeps researchers informed of funding calls sponsored by the Framework Program of the European Union which are open for application. They also provide the required applications forms, advice on planning and writing your application and assistance with the required financial statements of expenditure.

Further information can be found on the Research Support Office page

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National Funding

The Ministry of Industry provides research funding programmes aimed to carry out research and technological development activities according to the objectives established on the National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation (R + D + I)

The Knowledge Transfer Office assists the researcher with administrative procedures carried out in this type of projects, providing applications forms and submitting the applications.

Further information can be found on our Spanish website “Convocatorias de financiación pública

Private Sector Funding

A large number of private institutions, foundations, research centres and large companies occasionally provide funding for a wide variety of research activities such as R and D projects, scholarships, dissertations, etc…

The Knowledge Transfer Office assist the researcher to manage this type of projects, disseminating funding opportunities, providing required documents and submitting the application.

Further information can be found on our Spanish website “Convocatorias de financiación privada