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UCM Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

18 OCT 2018 - 14:05 CET

UCM is launching an information security awareness campaign that, over several months, will provide the entire university community with information and advice on how to keep our personal and professional data as secure as possible.

On-campus buildings will display tips on screens and posters on panels. There will also be leaflets with more detailed information.

From here you can consult a short brochure with first general instructions on Good Practices in Information Security. Reading it only takes a few minutes.

The Vice-rectorate for Information Technologies has prepared a brief online and open course that can be carried out in the Virtual Campus. Completing it will only take a few hours and includes interactive material. To find out how to register for the course, go to https://www.ucm.es/seguridad-y-proteccion/curso-virtual

More information on cybersecurity and privacy can be found on the website of the Information Security and Protection Unit (https://www.ucm.es/seguridad-y-proteccion/).

And it should be remembered that when sending an e-mail message to several people from a UCM account, it is advisable for the recipients to be in hidden copy (BCC). This will be essential if some of the recipients' addresses are not from the UCM.

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