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Joaquín Goyache, elected rector of the Complutense University of Madrid

10 ABR 2019 - 12:57 CET

With 51.0346% of the votes, Goyache leads the largest face-to-face university in Spain.

Joaquín Goyache Goñi, Professor of Animal Health, has been elected rector of the Complutense University of Madrid with 51.0346% of the votes. Carlos Andradas, Professor of Algebra, the other candidate, obtained 49.2539%.

After the counting of the votes obtained by each candidate, the Central Electoral Board of the UCM agrees to provisionally proclaim Joaquín Goyache as an elected candidate. In accordance with Article 42 of the Electoral Regulations, the proclamation may be appealed to the UCM Electoral Board within three days.

The agreements of the Central Electoral Board of 3 and 4 April are available in the section Elections to Rector 2019 of the website of the UCM.

Joaquín Goyache is Professor of Animal Health, specialising in the fields of Microbiology and Immunology. He is a member of numerous committees and commissions, including the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) and the one in charge of preparing the White Paper on the Degree in Veterinary Medicine. His most recent research focuses on communicable diseases in wild and exotic animals and the study of the use of designer vaccines.

He has developed different tasks of university management: Vice-Dean of Students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UCM; Dean of the same Faculty; Director of the Summer Courses of the UCM, Vice-rector of Organization UCM and Vice-rector of Postgraduate and Continuing Education UCM.

With a total census of 82,270 voters (71,808 students, 3,530 members of the administration and services staff, 2,895 professors with permanent ties. 1,603 full-time professors and 2,434 part-time professors), the voting weight by sector is as follows: doctoral professors with permanent ties, 53 percent; other teaching and research staff, 10 percent; students, 25 percent; administration and services staff, 12 percent.

The final results of the scrutiny of the elections to the Rector can be consulted on the website: https://www.ucm.es/elecciones/rector-2019


Joaquín Goyache, elected rector of the Complutense University of Madrid - 1

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