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Mass Spectrometry

The Centre for Mass Spectrometry deals with mass spectrometry design and testing according to ISO 9001:2008. These techniques are used to obtain the mass spectrum by means of electron ionization, atmospheric pressure ionization - electrospray and MALDI for the identification, determination, structural elucidation and quantification of organic compounds. Pure compounds and / or complex samples are analyzed especially when coupled with  GC-MS links and HPLC-MS

Products and Services

Structural analysis of organic and organometallic compounds.

Quantitative analysis of complex mixtures by GC / MS and HPLC / MSn.

Studies on active ingredients and impurities.

Identification of compounds in industry-related issues (Impurities, contaminants, indoors/outdoors  atmospheres).

Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water, air, soil, container, food, drugs and pesticides