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Other Learning Opportunities


Foreign Languages Centre (Idiomas Complutense)

The Foreign Languages Centre provides students with an effective modern language learning resource within the university itself, with 32 languages available.

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Spanish Language Studies Centre 

The Spanish Language Studies Centre offers Spanish language and culture courses for foreign students generally geared towards teaching those from the European Higher Education Area.

The Centre is accredited to get the Instituto Cervantes Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE). For more information visit: http://diplomas.cervantes.es/en.

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These are specialized courses, not included in the official degree plans, which offer opportunities for professional, scientific and technical development and specialization.

The UCM offers 182 Complutense Qualifications: 


116 unofficial master's degrees


30 university specialization courses


35 university expert courses

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The lifelong learning courses respond to society’s demand to update different kinds of knowledge and to develop personal and professional competences.

The different course types available include: 


Lifelong Learning Diplomas


Lifelong Learning Certificate Courses

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