Jose Carrillo Menéndez

Resultado de imagen de jose carrillo menendezDr José Carrillo Menéndez was born in Paris in 1952. Dr Carrillo was elected Chancellor of the Complutense University of Madrid in April 2011. He studied mathematics at Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, then moved to Madrid in 1976 and joined the Complutense University in 1977 as an Assistant Professor. He earned a PhD (Cum Laude) in January 1981. He has been a professor of Applied Mathematics since 1988.

As a scholar, Dr. Carrillo has published in the most prestigious scientific journals worldwide and he regularly participates at international conferences. He has also participated in several staff mobility programmes in European and North American universities. He has undertaken the management of research projects, doctoral theses and a research team. His article “Entropy Solutions for Nonlinear Degenerate Problems”, published in 1999 in the journal Archive for Rational Mechanic and Analysis, is one of the most frequently cited works at the Faculty of Mathematics at the Complutense University.

Dr. Carrillo's teaching career has always been connected to the Complutense University, including his participation in projects of educational innovation.

Dr. Carrillo's long professional career in University Administration includes the following roles: Vice-Chancellor for Innovation, Organization and Quality (2003-2005), Vice-Chancellor for Innovation and European Space for Higher Education (2005-2007), Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics (1995-2003), Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Head of the Department of Applied Mathematics and President of the Committee in Madrid for “World Year of Mathematics 2000”.

Dr. Carrillo has drawn up and launched a large number of projects. His achievements as Vice-Rector include the office for quality and strategic development, the office for the inclusion of disabled people, the gender equality office, the committee for health and public safety, the risk prevention service, innovation and improvement in educational quality projects and launching the first 39 master's degree programmes in accordance with the requirements of the European Higher Education Area.

Dr. Carrillo's achievements in the area of Information and  Communication Technologies (ICTs) are especially relevant. More specifically, the Virtual Campus (VC) which enables students to access resources and support tools to help them with their learning. With a high level of accessibility, the VC is one of the most renowned learning platforms in the world, and has been recognized by awards and listed in the specific rankings.