Vice-Rector for Institutional Relations and Rector's Cabinet Office

Isabel Fernández Torres

Vicerrectora de Relaciones Institucionales y Gabinete del Rector

Personal Assistant

María Teresa Rodríguez Celemín 


Isabel Fernández Torres received her PhD from the Complutense University in 2003. After a period in private companies she decided to devote herself exclusively to the University and she is currently tenured professor of Commercial Law and a member of the Instituto de Derecho Europeo e Integración Regional (Institute of European Law and Regional Integration) and the European Bank Institut.

Achieving an appropriate balance between teaching and research, Fernández has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and participated in numerous national and international official master's, summer courses and seminars. She also taught in France and Puerto Rico.

Her research interests initially focused on Company Law, but she has also broken new ground in the field of Competition, Banking and Bankruptcy Law.

Fernández is the author of 30 papers in top journals and various books such as “La Junta General en las Sociedades de Capital en Liquidación” (2006), “Derecho de la Competencia” (2013), “El Concurso de las entidades del Sector Público y sus Contratistas (June 2015) and "Las Loyalty Shares: cortoplacismo contra activismo accionarial" (October 2017).

She is a member of various research and teaching innovation projects, a research group and has gained recognition for 12 years of research.

Professor Fernández collaborates regularly with the top journals in her field, serves on the editorial board of the “Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursátill”, is co-director of Financial Market Law of the the "Revista General de los Sectores Regulados" and responsible for the commercial area in the ATELIER publishing. She is also a member of numerous national and international associations related to her discipline and is academic correspondent of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation.

In the field of administration, she held the position of University Ombudswoman (2013).