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Francisco de la Pisa Pajares (1823-1899)

Francisco de la Pisa Pajares (1823-1899)


Francisco de Pisa y Pajares graduated in Law from the University of Valladolid and earned his doctorate from the Central University in 1851. He worked as a teacher of Psychology and Logic in the cities of Ciudad Real and Segovia. In 1854, he became the Chair of Elements of Roman History and Law and Criminal law in Zaragoza. In 1863, he became Chair of Canon Law Institutions in Valladolid, until 1867, when he became Chair of Commercial and Criminal Law Extension and then Roman law, both in Madrid.

Francisco de Pisa was appointed Rector of the University of Madrid in February 1875, but resigned in March of the same year.  Although he claimed it was for medical reasons, it is difficult not to infer some political disagreement as a result of the Ssecond University Question.  A second term in office as Rector came from 1881 to 1884. He held the position for a third time between the end of 1885 and 1890 but this was marked by interruptions due to poor health. His last term as Rector ran from April 1894 to April 1895, when he resigned once more.

His academic activity was supplemented with his membership to the Academy of History and Matritense of Jurisprudence and Legislation, as well as his work as a Member of Parliament and the Senate across several terms.


Francisco de la Pisa Pajares' Writings (UCM Libray)

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