Vice-Rector for Economic Planning and Resource Management

Francisco Javier Sevillano Martín

Vicerrector de Planificación Económica y Gestión de Recursos

Advisor to the Vice-Rector

María Teresa Labrador Pérez


Francisco Javier Sevillano Martín is a tenured lecturer of Finance and Accounting. As a professor, he has extensive experience in various disciplines in the field of accounting. Over the last few years, he has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in English and Spanish.

In the field of university administration, Professor Sevillano has held the position of Chief Operating Officer at the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) (2005-2011). Reporting directly to the Rector, he was responsible for managing the software implementation of SAP R/3 technology (financial and HR management information system). He also served as chief accountant at UCM, Registrar on the Board of the General Foundation of UCM and as Director on the Madrid Science Park Foundation. At the time of his appointment as Vice-Rector, he held the position of Vice-Dean for Financial Administration and Institutional Relations in the Faculty of Commerce and Tourism.

He has been Director of the State Society for Cultural Overseas Action, the organisation for promoting Spanish culture abroad, under the aegis of the Ministry of Economy.

His research interests focus on three main areas: management accounting in public institutions, information technology, and business management and environmental accounting.