Rector's Delegate for the Inclusion and Diversity Support Unit

Esteban Sánchez Moreno

Delegado del Rector para la Diversidad y el Medio Ambiente

Curriculum Vitae

Mercedes García García

Rector"s Delegate for the Inclusion and Diversity Support Unit UCMd+I

Mercedes García is Doctorate in Science Education from the Complutense University of Madrid. She is tenured professor in Department of Methods of Research and Diagnosis in Education, Faculty of Education. She teaches the subjects of Differential Pedagogy and Guidance & Tutorial Action.

She is co-director of the UCM-940424 Adaptative Pedagogy Research Group and member of EVALFOR group from the Universidad of Cadiz and GEM from the Universidad of Valencia. Her lines of research are focused around three areas: Adaptative theory and educational strategies in secondary school, Assessment and evaluation of interpersonal competences, and university mentoring for personal and professional development.

Dra. García has been director of the University Orientation Service (SOU) in the Faculty of Education. She has coordinated the degree of Educational Guideance from the MFPS at UCM. She directs a postgrade in Coaching and Emotional Education for the Academic Excellence (UCM- IRYDE).

Member of the Interuniversity Association of Pedagogic Investigation (AIDIPE), the European Educational Research Association (EERA) and the Teachers Guideance Network (RIPO). She is also member of the Advisory Board for the Educational Research Journal (RIE), the Scientific Committees of the Investigation Electronic and Educational Evaluation Journal (RELIEVE), the Educational Guidance Journal (ROE) and the Interuniversity Social Pedagogy Journal.