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Australian European Network

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The AEN (Australian European Network)/Utrecht network, established in 1999, is an exchange network with seven Australian and 27 European partners. The AEN/Utrecht Network is a multi-lateral student exchange programme that facilitates the educational exchange of undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students between the networks. The AEN consortium gives students from the EU and EFTA partner universities access to the seven Australian universities via a single entry process and students from Australia the same convenient access to the European partners.

Universities in Australia are part of a clearly recognised international community of scholarship. Australian university research is internationally recognised for its high quality and competitiveness. The level of expenditure on research and development in universities is among the highest in the world. In many areas, Australian research is a world leader, including energy science and technology, telecommunications and biological sciences related to agriculture and the environment.

This research focus reflects on the teaching quality within Australian universities and the lecturers and researchers are practised in bridging the gap between theory and practice. Students will also benefit from the ready access to their tutors and lecturers and to high quality facilities on attractive campuses across Australia.

Members of the Australian-European Network