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Art and Heritage Collection

Description and History

This collection comprises a large number of works of art including paintings, sculptures, graphic design and furniture gathered throughout the University’s history and now preserved at the Complutense campuses of Moncloa and Somosaguas.

In addition to the artworks belonging to the University of Alcalá and Central University, other collections were provided by San Carlos and San Fernando Colleges when they joined the Complutense.

Among the most representative works of these periods are a Juan de Borgoña panel painting, a Felipe Bigarny alabaster relief, an Alonso de Villabrille bust, a Eugenio Caxes portrait of Cardinal Cisneros,  two oil paintings by Francisco Ricci and one by Palomino,  two still life paintings by Gabriel de la Corte, Baroque furniture and silver pieces from  the eighteenth century, along with many more works by artists of considerable interest.

There are also a large number of quality portraits which used to hang on classroom walls, such as Vicente López and Gutiérrez de la Vega. It is also worth mentioning the portrait gallery of Rectors and Deans who have served the university over the years.

As a result of the teaching activities at the Faculty of Fine Arts, some splendid collections of seventeenth century academic drawings are preserved, such as etchings, sculptures and oil paintings, mostly examination pieces by students who were hosted in Rome. Highlights include works by Maella, Esteve, Fortuny, Madrazo, Pradilla, Benlliure and Vázquez Diaz. The collections are constantly expanding through the addition of contemporary artwork.

Generous donations to the UCM General Foundation from eminent scientists such as Legado Simarro have allowed the University to acquire important works by Sorolla, Beruete, Luis Madrazo and Emilio Sala, among others.

The Complutense heritage continues to grow each year thanks to the various grants, prizes and artistic contests organized by the University, as well as donations from other organizations, companies or individuals.