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Amador Schüller Pérez (1921-2010)

He earned his Bachelor's degree and doctorate in Medicine from the University of Madrid in 1945 and 1953, respectively. Dr. Schuller's higher education career focused on Pathology and Clinical Medicine from 1948. In 1967, he became professor of Pathology at the University of Cadiz. In 1971, he joined the hospital today known as “Gregorio Marañon” in Madrid, where he remained until 1977 when he accepted a faculty position as a professor of Pathology and Clinical Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine which is linked to the “Hospital Clínico San Carlos”.

Dr. Schuller served as Rector of the Complutense University from 1983 to 1987. In addition to this position, he served as president of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine and Vice-President of the Royal Academy of Medicine.


Amador Schuller's writings in UCM Library
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