Optical guidance systems for architectural lighting design


Optical guidance systems for architectural lighting design


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Autores: Berta García FernándezDaniel Vázquez-MoliníAntonio Álvarez Fernández-BalbuenaVíctor Echarri IribarrenJoaquín Solbes Llorca.

The increasing consideration of research and technological development in fields such as energy and new advanced materials, along with the environment and health creates great interest regarding the integration of natural lighting in the architecture. This book covers a wide range of study of techniques and design analysis of optical guide systems for architectural lighting design providing a quantitative estimation of the influence of numerous factors that affect the transport of light in hollow light guides in order to contribute to the prediction of performance. Furthermore, it is presented a detailed analysis of guided of light in optical systems such as hollow prismatic guides together with the development of new mathematical models and methodologies that facilitate the prediction of transported luminous flux and efficiency of systems.

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Año: 2021
Páginas: 156 pp.
Formato: 17 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-84-669-3711-5
ISBN (PDF): 978-84-669-3712-2
Materia: Óptica
Colección: Serie Investigación
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García Fernández, Berta, Daniel Vázquez-Moliní, Antonio Álvarez Fernández-Balbuena, Víctor Echarri Iribarren, y Joaquín Solbes Llorca. 2021. Optical guidance systems for architectural lighting design. Madrid: Ediciones Complutense.


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