About us

The E4 Team was founded by Dr. Jaime Terceiro, Professor of Econometrics. His interest in state-space methods dates from the 70s, when he had the opportunity to apply these techniques at the Simulation and Control Department of Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blöhm (today Deutsche Aerospace) in München (Germany). In the mid 80s, he started a research line on these topics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

The techniques described and implemented in E4 are in the core of the research activity of a wide team. Its current head is Miguel Jerez. Other members are José CasalsSonia SotocaMarcos Bujosa, and Alfredo Garcia-Hiernaux.

For us, E4 is a repository of the code generated by our research, allowing academics and professionals to apply it effortlessly.