Teacher or Researcher incoming mobility

Information for Visiting Researchers

Required documents for Self-Funded researchers 'Non-Erasmus' (see below for Erasmus+)

Please see

For the English Department, the requirements are as follows:

  1. Application form for visiting scholars (Annex I)
  2. Short Updated curriculum vitae (maximum 3-4 pages)
  3. Brief description of the research project (maximum 2 pages) along the lines of the research carried in the department. Please see staff profiles and research units
  4. Letter of endorsement from a professor from our department who has agreed to endorse your stay. Please see staff profiles 
  5. In the case of PhD students, a letter from their thesis supervisor endorsing the proposal (including contact details -email + telephone No.)
  6. At least one letter of recommendation on institutional letterhead and with contact details (e-mail + telephone No.) of an external academic (not from our department) endorsing the candidate.
  7. Evidence of funds to support the candidate's stay (i.e. Research grant notification, bank statement, etc.)

All documents should be sent to the Secretariat of the Department (

Your request will be evaluated in Department General Meeting (usually every 8 weeks).

The Department receives many applications so please keep in mind that not all applications are successful. Also note that the response to your request may take several weeks. Please send your request well in advance, especially if you must manage a visa.


Information on Teaching Mobility Erasmus+

If your Department / Faculty has established an Erasmus + agreement with the UCM in the area of English Studies, and you wish to apply for a teaching stay in our Department, please get in contact with a member of the Department, who must accept your participation in any of their classes, or in a seminar organized ad hoc (this person will act as host teacher of your stay). The teaching must be developed according to the Erasmus regulations. Please notice that your end-of-stay certificate in our Department must be signed by a member of the management team (Head, Deputy Head, Secretary). Remember that the month of August is the official month of holiday at the university. The OFICIAL EU applications forms are here

More information:

If your institution does not have an Erasmus agreement in the area of English Studies, you can ask your Erasmus Office to contact the Office of International Relations of the Faculty of Language Studies to study the feasibility of processing it: