Summer Courses

At the end of standard university activity, and in a different environment and format, the Complutense University offers Summer Courses at both its San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Madrid campuses. These courses strive for academic quality by tackling cutting-edge scientific, cultural, social, and political topics.

Since 1988, the Complutense Summer Courses have been internationally recognized among university students and the public in general as a forum for intellectual exchange. The program, with its broad, varied course catalogue, aims to offer a cross-curricular encounter, from a meticulous and international academic perspective, that provides answers to society"s current challenges. In our summer courses, scientists, politicians, economists, writers, unionists, journalists, and artists debate and reflect upon current topics.

All of the courses include lectures on theory, debates, and practical workshops. The cultural world offers fun activities in parallel that facilitate informal exchange between professionals, educators, and participants in open spaces.

Thanks to their attention to detail and the broad range of topics dealt with each year, the courses are held in high esteem by the media, academic centers, businesses, and professionals of all types.

An yearly official announcement is made with dates for that year’s courses (usually in July), deadlines and procedures for applying.