1. Can I do the Spanish course without having completed the whole registration process in the LLP-Erasmus program in Universidad Complutense de Madrid?

No, because you must be an Erasmus student at UCM in order to do one of the two free and intensive Spanish courses.

2. Is it compulsory to do the level test?

Yes, in all cases. Advanced level (C1) and Proficiency (C2) are not offered in these free courses.

3. Can I do two free Spanish courses for Erasmus students?

No, in no case. The Spanish course in September is for Erasmus students who are coming to study at the University Complutense throughout the year or during the first semester, while the January Spanish course is only available for students who reach the UCM to study during the second semester of the year.

4. Are there other free Spanish courses?

No. However, all Erasmus students may want to attend to any of the courses, which will be carried out by our Centro Complutense para la Enseñanza del Español, of different lengths, prices and content. More info.

5. If I am not an Erasmus student at the Universidad Complutense, can I attend to any of the Free Spanish courses?

No, you will not be able under any circumstances, nor can make those students from other International Mobility Grants or who are registered as "visiting students" of the Universidad Complutense.

6. Do Free Spanish courses for Erasmus students have any ECTS  study credits?

These courses have no final exam and therefore, any credits will be given at the end of the course. However, the student may obtain an attendance certificate with the number of hours, the level achieved by the student, provided only if the student have participated in 80% of the total hours of the course.

7. Do you teach all levels of language?

No, the levels C1 and C2 won’t be offered in the free courses. In fact, in the Spanish course in September and January, students must do a level test before the beginning of classes, to assign the most appropriate group among the levels A1, A2, B1 and B2.

8. Can I make any group or level changes?

Only those students who, for a good reason, need to change their class schedule may change groups. Regarding the level, just the teacher may authorize a change when it would be absolutely necessary.

9. Can I change the registration course from September to January?

Erasmus students, who are unable to arrive at Madrid on time for the course of September and will be studying during the second semester at UCM, may change their registrations. For that reason, they will have to contact the Erasmus Office of Philology ( before 31th July of the current academic year.

10. Will I be able to apply for a place in the courses when the enrolment process has been finished?

No, in any case, even if there are few students enrolled, or some of them finally decided not to do it. The high number of students applying for these courses, does not allow us to do any exception for students who could not finish the whole registration process on time.