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Who We Are



School of Geography and History

Dean: Ilmo. Sr.D. Miguel Luque Talván

Delegated Dean for Reunidas affairs 2020-2022 academic years


School of Languages and Literature

Dean: Ilma. Sra. Dª. Isabel Durán Giménez-Rico


School of Philosophy

Dean: Ilmo. Sr. D.Juan Antonio Valor



Delegate Director: Dr. Ricardo Parelleda Redondo

Reunidas Office Coordinator: Ms. Isabel Rodríguez



The offices of the member institutions are found on the main floor of the Geography and History School at the Complutense University of Madrid.


    Director:  Paula Sanmartín


    Assistant director:  Mª Valle Espeso Cuartero


    Tel: +34 91 394 5995


    Director:  Ana Flys Junquera

    E-mail: aflys@georgetown.es

    Housing coordinator: Carmen de Miguel Reyes

    E-mail: mmiguel@georgetown.es


    Director: Rocío Álvarez Aguayo

    E-mail: rocioaa@ghis.ucm.es


     Director:  Yonsoo Kim

     E-mail: residentdirector@wipmadrid.com

      Associate Director: Amy Olson

     E-mail: amyolson@wipmadrid.com

      Graduate assistant: Sofia Ferrando

     E-mail: sofia@wipmadrid.com

     Tel: +34 91 544 76 68 / Fax: +34 91 544 14 32


Director: Susan Sánchez Casal

E-mail: susan.sanchez_casal@tufts.edu 

Deputy Director: Mayte de las Heras

E-mail:  mayte.delasheras@tufts.edu

Academic Director: Guillermo Cámara Moiño

E-mail: guillermo.camara@tufts.edu

T: +34 91 70 245 13