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The North American University Programs Reunidas offices are located in the School of Geography and History. Each semester American students enroll in classes in the different UCM schools as well as in specially designed Reunidas classes. 


In order to facilitate these students with the Spanish learning process, Reunidas encourages language exchanges with peer undergraduate UCM students who also desire to improve their English.


The structure of the language exchange is simple: Reunidas will organize a general meeting in the cafeteria at the beginning of each semester so that students can meet and choose their exchange partners or share in a group format. Those students that cannot attend will be assigned a student via email if indicated in the registration form. After the initial contact, the students will then be responsible for continuing the exchange on their own terms.


All that is required is to want to meet and learn from other students.


Any undergraduate Spanish or Reunidas student wanting to participate in a language exchange, can register using the application form.



We look forward to hearing from you!



Spanish-English Language Exchange

The Language Exchange is organized for undergraduate Spanish students attending the UCM and the Reunidas students.

The next exchange with be announced in the Upcoming Events section of the Reunidas home page and will take place in the Geography and History school cafeteria, located on the Moncloa campus.

If you wish to participate in the exchange, register in the following application form.  Exchange partners will be determined at the group meeting. If you cannot attend, we will assign a partner for you via email.

Please, complete this form only if you are able to attend the next meeting.

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