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Mariana Neţ is a Professor and Senior Researcher at the “Iorgu Iordan – Alexandru Rosetti” Institute of Linguistics of the Romanian Academy, in Bucharest, Romania. For the last three decades she has been a guest lecturer at many universities in Europe and the US. She was guest professor at the University of Perpignan (1993) and at the Early-Fall School of Semiotics (1997, 2002). She has published 150-odd scholarly essays in Romanian and international journals and anthologies. She has also edited or co-edited 4 issues of international journals (S, Signa) and anthologies.

Among her recent books: Once upon Two Cities. A Parallel between New York City and Bucharest by 1900. Champaign, IL, 2016; Capricci on Fairy-Tale Themes. Bucharest, 2016 (in Romanian); Alexandre Dumas, écrivain du 21e siècle. Paris, 2008; Literature, Strategies, and Metalanguage. A Semiotic Approach. Vienna, 2002; Literature, Atmosphere, and Society. A Semiotic Approach. Vienna, 2000.

Mariana Neţ on media and intermediality


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