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Jenny Lind Elmaco

Jenny Lind D. Elmaco, PhD
  was a recipient of the Marie Curie ITN Fellowship of the Consortia for Excellence on Sustainable Peace-building which is funded by the European Commission. The Peace Studies program of the University of Bradford was her host University and she spent part of her field research in Barcelona Spain. She was a former member of the Junior Research Group on Civil Society and Multi-level Governance of the University of Muenster sponsored by the German Ministry for Science and Technology. She was also a researcher of the Excellence Cluster on Networks of the European Center for Information Systems.  She was also a Visiting Researcher at the Non Profit Management department of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Her professional straddled equally between the academe and as a practitioner in political and social science, governance and humanitarian/human rights initiatives. She was former Project Manager for Asia of Women without Borders in Vienna, Austria and the Austrian Foundation for World Population in International Development also in Vienna, Austria. Her first job was Director for Youth Affairs in the Office of the President of the Republic of the Philippines. She has also been representative at the United Nations Forum in 2018.

Jenny holds an International Doctorate Degree in Peace, Conflict and Development studies from Catedra UNESCO de Filosofia para la Paz sobresaliente cum laude (excellent with honors). She also holds an International Master’s Degree in Peace, Conflict and Development studies from the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and the Universidad Jaume I (Spain) with scholarships from the Afro-Asian Institute and the Bancaja Foundation. A European Commission scholarship gave her a Second Master’s Degree inGlobal Studies from the University of Vienna and the University of Leipzig. After a decade in Europe, she returned to the Philippines. She handled a multi-embassy initiative called the Innovative Human Rights Initiative in Manila, supporting the human rights initiatives of 10 embassies and holding office with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation. She was also the Executive Director of SPARK! - a non profit organisation promoting women"s political and economic empowerment. She has done consultancy and advisory work for the Asian Development Bank, the Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy, among others.  She has taught in the University of Muenster and the Asian Institute of Management on governance and international relations. Currently, she is the Coordinator for Institutional Linkages of the School of Public Affairs and Governance of Silliman University and Research Consultant of the University of the Philippines – College of Law.  She is currently involved with the ASEAN Society, the International Federation of Business and Professional Women as Asian Coordinator of Business Net as well as the ASEAN Women Economic Network. She sits on the Board of Gugma Gaia which is a local sustainability initiative and is the Country Representative of the Marie Curie ASEAN Chapter while also a member of the Spain+Portugal Chapter.

Jenny is an awardee of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines in 2002, the Ayala Young Leaders in 2001 and the Jose Rizal Model Student o f the Philippines in 2001. She is a recipient o f the AIEJ (Japan Ministry of Education) undergraduate scholarship which brought her to the International Christian University of Tokyo, Japan where she also interned for the United Nations Information Center. She has received several awards in writing, speaking and debating in the Philippines and abroad. She graduated with an undergraduate degree from Silliman University with a degree in Political Science, Magna Cum Laude and was the Most Outstanding Student. She has presented papers in democracy, governance and civil society in the US, Europe and Asia and has published several articles in international books and academic journals as well as served as a reviewer. Her research interests intersect in governance, development and sustainability, bridging science and business strategies as well as innovation.