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One Asia Community celebrating UNESCO Poetry Day 21 March at Complutense
One Asia Community celebrating UNESCO Poetry Day 21 March at Complutense

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Eurasia Foundation Cross-Cultural Dialogues 2022


In collaboration with OpenU and UnaEuropa






Course characteristics: Multidisciplinary, United Nations SDGs, Mostly online

Free Elective Credits: 

Module 1 - 2 ECTS following asynchronous webinar lectures of the Sustainable Futures course and doing 3 activities of their choice (from Feb. to April) 

Module 2 - 2 ECTS "Global perspectives on sustainability transformations" Exchange program  with Freie Universität students

Synchronic Online sessions to take place  Monday mornings 10:15 11:45 a.m., Dates: April 25, May 9, May 16, May 23, May 30, June 13, Jul 4 2022

15 students who succesfully complete the two modules will be offered bursaries to face-to-face sessions at Freie Universität 8-10 July 2022


Course Dates:  Spring semester 2022   Syllabus     Evaluation Activities

Some sessions at Faculty of Philology, Complutense University Madrid, Spain.  

Course director: Asunción López-Varela (Complutense Madrid) 

Course Description: The course provides opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue across world regions, particularly Europe and Asia. It strengthens cultural relations, and avenues of cooperation on Sustainability. International scholars introduce Eurasia-related subjects and SDGs and encourage a mutual understanding between continents.  

Specific aim of the course: Lectures explore the complex multidimensional patterns present in United Nations SDGs, and suggest a STEM-STEAM dialogue performed by means of semiotic exchanges in the exchange of cultural products across world regions. The course encourages cross-cultural diversity, ethical and sustainability values including artistic practices in a global curriculum.


 Participants in the One Asia Community Seminar Series at Complutense MadridParticipants in the One Asia Community Seminar Series at Complutense Madrid