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Eurasia Foundation: cross-cultural partnerships

Founded in 2018 by a team of Chinese professionals residing in Madrid, Liwai aims to act as a link between the Chinese community in Spain and the broader society through diverse actions, grounded in interculturality and interdisciplinarity. Website:
Contextualization: Origin, evolution, and different profiles of the Chinese diaspora in Spain.
Community and Interculturality: Present various projects and collectives promoting interculturality within the Chinese diaspora in Spain (artistic, cultural, educational, social, and business-related).
Community and Heterogeneity: Representation of the Chinese community in different work domains and notable figures.
Raise awareness of diverse cultural practices within the Chinese diaspora to dispel uniform impressions of the Chinese community in Spanish society.
Highlight the heterogeneity of the Chinese diaspora and its varied representations in different sectors of Spanish society.
Foster mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Chinese and non-Chinese students at Universidad Complutense.
Challenge stereotypes and debunk common misconceptions about the Chinese diaspora in Spain.

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Eurasia Foundation Cross-Cultural Dialogues 

"Narratives of Sustainability in the Anthropocene. Interdisciplinary Dimensions"






Course characteristics: Hybrid, Multidisciplinary, United Nations SDGs.

Free Elective Credits: 2 ECTS Location: Faculty of Humanities


Course Dates:  Spring semester 2024 click here for access

Course director: Asunción López-Varela (Complutense Madrid) 

Course Description: The course provides opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue across world regions, particularly Europe and Asia. It strengthens cultural relations, and avenues of cooperation on Sustainability. International scholars introduce Eurasia-related subjects and SDGs and encourage a mutual understanding between continents.  

Specific aim of the course: Lectures explore the complex multidimensional patterns present in UN SDG suggesting a STEM-STEAM  exchange. The course encourages cross-cultural diversity, ethical and sustainability values including artistic practices in a global curriculum.


 Participants in the One Asia Community Seminar Series at Complutense MadridParticipants in the One Asia Community Seminar Series at Complutense Madrid