Grupos de investigación

Lines of Research: Main Topics



Our research group works on the development of Laser Techniques for analytical applications. Given the multidisciplinary importance and use of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), we have successfully applied this technique to biological and geological samples, particularly with the identification and detection of pathogens for public safety-oriented applications, forensics environmental studies and geology. The samples that have been studied include aerosols, human bones and teeth, bacteria and fungi, swine tissues, honey, wine, milk, archaeological bones, speleothems, coral and seashells.

Mainly we investigate the atomic and molecular signatures generated by LIBS and application of chemometric methods for the analysis if the data. During the past years where our group has advanced in exploring the LIBS technique in various fields, it has also shown great progress in the area of chemometrics. Further work includes study of processes in the plasma through analytical data processing of the laser plasma spectra, applying a broad range of chemometric tools.

The members of our group have been engaged in theoretical and experimental research activities in various fields within the area of Laser Chemistry. We are particularly interested in laser ablation processes and combining these with different techniques and analysis processes.