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Archaeological Studies


Our group is a pioneer in the use of Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy and artificial intelligence (artificial neural networks) for the regrouping of individuals from bones and teeth.

LIBS in combination with NN is a useful tool that allows grouping a set of skeletal remains facilitating the task of reconstruction with a considerably lower cost compared to other techniques.

The method provides a good post-mortem application to discriminate different individuals using any bone or tooth from each individual thanks to the uniqueness of the spectral fingerprint of each individual.

Despite the differences in elemental composition in teeth and bones from the same individual, all samples were correctly assigned to the individual they came from. NN is able to maximize inter-individual differences and minimize intra-individual variability.

The combination of LIBS and NN has been used in an innovative way to analyze skeletal remains from different individuals, allowing the development of a model suitable for reunification with 100% accuracy.




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