Proyectos de Investigación


“Legal and financial significance of sustainability audit schemes through smart data management”, Spanish National Research Plan, Ministry of Science and Innovation.



The purpose of this project is to address a key issue: How to better review the impact of economic activities on sustainability through improved audits, ensuring through their legal consequences the promotion of an effective sustainable development. Our research specifically pays attention to the checks that allow adjusting the tax treatment or the public expenditure accordingly. A detailed analysis of the current legal framework in different jurisdictions will be carried out, mainly focusing on the European Union Member States.


In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our work will take into account relevant sectors for the economy (such as buildings and forests) with serious effects on carbon emissions, decisive for climate action. We will take into consideration corporate social responsibility as a means to provide and manage all the data necessary for the audit schemes to work properly without hindering due data protection. Here, the sound use of artificial intelligence and robotics to determine their real value (i.e. adding the environmental, social and governance aspects to worth data) will be assessed.


We will use a multidisciplinary approach: traditional legal methodology (in Financial and Tax Law, Company Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law and Social Security Law) will be supplemented with expertise from public accounting, finance and accounting and environmental management and engineering.


Key words:

taxation, public expenditure, audit, sustainability, responsible management, data, artificial intelligence and robotics, climate, buildings,