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DADAU De l'art et D'autre (Francia) ID: E10053296


Socios colaboradores:

MOH (Italia) ID: E10009452

City of Women(Eslovenia) ID:E10046674

Elan Interculturel (Francia) ID: E10201323

Universidad Complutense de Madrid(España) ID: E10208920


PARTNERS (description)

Project coordinator:

DADAU De l'art et D'autre (France) is a new society providing services in cultural and art mediation. It offers a wide range of workshops and trainings relying on interaction with art works. It holds in situ workshops in museums in order to teach French language through visits and analysing art works, develop soft skills in socially disadvantaged groups, provide team development for enterprises where a focus is placed on team spirit, and provide an experience of completely new encounters with colleagues and oneself. De l’Art et D’autre has developed a methodology which combines museum pedagogy, art history, conversation analysis and intercultural studies. This combination of competencies allows to realise an individualised follow-up adapted to the needs of a heterogeneous audience. Our approach is also based on the constant evaluation of our methods and facilitators through the systematic video analysis of each workshop.



MOH (Italy) Mobility Opportunities Hub is a sociocultural association in Bari, whose aim is to promote mobility among young people, to create synergies with local and European associations and to trace a link between social and artistic work.

City of Women (Slovenia) is a pioneering organization focusing on feminism and gender equality in the arts and culture. Since 1996, the Association has been advocating recognition, promotion, better work and life conditions for female artists, and gender equality in the cultural sector in general. Governed by an independent board committed to art, critical theory, feminist, queer, gender and postcolonial studies, City of Women stands for equality, diversity and solidarity. We provide support, resources, visibility and care for artistic, activist and theoretical practices and discourses resonating with our core values. 

Elan Interculturel (France) is an organisation created by psychologists, researchers, trainers – most of whom were immigrants in Paris – who were interested in exploring and developing new methods to facilitate intercultural communication, collaboration and adaptation.

Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) is one of the richest in history and the largest one in Spain. Created in1499, it has evolved to a modern, generalist, research-based university. Its offer includes close to 300 official academic programmes with increasing importance of joint international bachelor programmes. UCM hosts more than 70,000 students, almost 10% of them in Phd programmes. More than 500 research groups perform around 700 active competitive research projects. UCM consistently appears as one of the leading Spanish institutions in international university rankings.