Management of audiovisual heritage in information units

Prof. in charge Luis F. RAMOS SIMÓN
Typology Seminar


In these sessions, students acquire know-how and experience that they can apply in heritage management. It is a complementary subject to the copyright law course taught by Prof. Corredoira. 


  1. The new renaissance: A vision for the preservation and dissemination of European cultural heritage
  2. Database protection, with special reference to the sui generis database right
  3. Open licences: Structures and types of licences in the cultural sector
  4. Practical sessions

Analysis of and case studies on the Europeana platform:

Analysis of and debate on the application of licences in heritage institutions

Possibility of reuse of accessible images in public databases

Arbitrary restrictions by the image owner (copyright holder) on the use of images; debates on the management of rights statements on the Europeana platform.



These subjects are of major interest to students because they give them training that is highly relevant when they apply for jobs in heritage institutions. The majority of students on the course are master’s students, and this part is essential for internships and placements in heritage institutions.

There is a major lack of training in these areas, as official reports by the European Commission’s working groups and specific research both highlight

The origin of the students who receive these courses is very heterogeneous; they come from different parts of Spain and Latin America.