Heritage institutions’ access to and use of copyrighted works

Prof. in charge Luis F. RAMOS SIMÓN
Typology Seminar


Students will study the different types of protected works (ones nearly in the public domain), as well as the possibilities offered by digitization and online dissemination of them, activities that are of major academic and commercial interest.


The different durations of IP rights in each country (and therefore the entry of works into the public domain) and the ease of obtaining digitized copies from digital libraries usually generate unfair and illegal practices that have a significant economic impact



  1. Digitization and online cultural heritage: Copyright problems
  2. Orphan works: Directive2012/28/EUof the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2012 on certain permitted uses of orphan works   
  3. Out-of-commerce works
  4. Practical solutions for digital access to European cultural heritage



This is a highly specialized seminar focused on the possibilities offered by the recent European directives and on the best practices that are becoming consolidated in different heritage preservation and dissemination institutions. 

The seminar also presents a computer tool designed specifically to assist the identification of works that are outside the commercial circuit and in the public domain, an extremely important task for a heritage institution.

Apart from the master’s students from the two different master’s programmes, we also offer this seminar to PhD candidates.