European Institutions in the area of Archiving and Conservation of “audiovisual works” (Practicum)

Prof. in charge Loreto CORREDOIRA
Typology Seminar


Orientation seminar for student internships in different European countries. The aim is to become familiar with the university and cultural institutions which undertake the conservation, archiving and management of the Audiovisual in Europe.


The training course has already begun in the academic year 2018-2019. Parts of the seminar are taught in English; guest speakers are invited and video conferences take place with different institutions.

The 2 hours-per-week seminar takes place between September and January, carries 6 ECTS credits and totals 30 contact hours, which include personal monitoring of the candidates who wish to carry out internships in the second semester. Help is given in the preparation of candidates’ “Motivation letters” and CVs, and with the selection of the best place to suit each candidate’s profile.


The Erasmus+Internship Program is promoted, under which the students Works a minimum of 2 months in institutions such as Filmoteca Portuguesa, Cineric, Cinematek in Belgium. Postgraduates are also encouraged to continue their training and to carry out internships.


Part of this course is open too to Ph.D. Students as well as to other Students enrolled in any of the Master Programmes of this School, as well as School of History, Architecture or Information Studies who are willing to be part of the Erasmus + Practicum project.

In the past 2 years we have had an average of 30 Postgraduate students coming to our sessions, besides the 5 to 15 students of this course. 


We foster the exchange and we want them to spend at least 2-3 months doing Internships or Research stays in European universities or Film-TV Archives.  This allows us to be in touch with Professionals from institutions like Cinematek (as Arianna Turci,

Head of analog film collections) or Victor De Vocht (gestion de collection); also we have invited to Madrid in past November 2019 to Guy Borlee (Fondazione Bolonia. Coordinator Il Cinema Ritrovato).


Our Master is one of the few listed at the FIAF website


We want to spread our network to other European film-video archives  (French Cinemateque, Cinemateca portuguesa or special collections like (Stockholm)  (Berlin)