Principal Investigator

Narcisa Martinez Quiles, Ph.D. 

Fulbright Scholar (since 2018). Former Harvard University Fellow (1997-2002) and Instructor (2002-4)

Position: Profesor Titular de Universidad

Department of Immunology-Ophtalmology-ENT. School of Medicine. UCM



Narcisa Martinez Quiles, Ph.D.

Marie Curie Former Fellow



1992-1993 Major Histocompatibily Complex (MHC) laboratory

1993-1995 Autoimmune laboratory

1993-1995 Immunologist member of the transplant team of the Hospital



 1) June 2002-June 2004. Instructor/Research Associate in the Immunology Division of Children´s Hospital in Boston (MA, USA) and in the Department of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.
 2) Sept. 2004-August 2009. ‘Ramón y Cajal’ Investigator in the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Complutense University in Madrid. The 'Ramón y Cajal' program is a national initiative highly competitive, offering only approximately 200 positions per year across the entire country. I obtained a positive review from the Ministry of Science that facilitated the transition to Professor (I3 Program).
 3) September 2009- November 2016 Professor (Profesor Contratado Doctor) at the University Complutense of Madrid.

4) November 2016-current Professor (Profesor Titular de Unviversidad) at the University Complutense of Madrid.


1) 1966 Predoctoral Fellowship form the Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria (FIS).

2) 1997-1999 Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Education.

3) 1998 New Investigator Award from the American Clinical Immunology Society.

4) 1999 Paul A. Dobuler Prize for Excellence in Immunodeficiency Research (Boston, MA).

5) 2002 Von L Meyer Fellowship Award fromChildren’s Hospital (Boston, MA).

6) 2011 Editorial Board Member: Case Reports in Immunology.

7) 2013 Editorial Board Member: Open Access London. Journal: OA Immunology

8) Selected Marie Curie Fellow invited to the final conference for the Marie Curie Actions of the 6th FP (European Comission). Bruxels July 2-4 2012.

 9)  Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the NIH (Februray to July 2018). Department of Immunology and Microbiology. Laboratory of Autoinflammatory diseases.  Chief: Raphaela Goldbach-Mansky.



 Other Publications (not in Pubmed)


1) Martinez-Quiles, N (2013). Emerging roles of hematopoietic lineage cell specific protein 1 (HS1) in the immune system. OA Immunology Apr 01;1(1):2

Book Chapters

1) Nieto-Pelegrín, E., Meiler, E. and Martinez-Quiles, N (2010). Cortactin, an oncoprotein targeted by pathogens during infection. Book title: Current Research, Technology and Education Topics in Applied Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology. ISBN (13): 978-84-614-6194-3.


2) Pérez-Nuñez, D. and Martinez Quiles, N (2011). Genetic factors that influence HIV infection: the role of the major histocompatibility complex system. Book title: “HIV-Host Interactions, ISBN 978-953-307-442-9, edited by Theresa L. Chang”. Chapter Number 21242. InTech editorial. 




Conference presentations

Approximately 40 Abstracts/posters to International and 15 to National conferences.


Teaching experience

My experience teaching started at the Department of Microbiology & Immunobiology at Harvard Medical School where I had the great opportunity of participating in the tutoring classes of Immunology, Microbiology and Infection diseases (IMID) in the 2003-4 course. My modest contribution was positively evaluated by Prof. Arlene Sharpe and I received an invitation to participate the following academic year.


After returning to Spain, I started participating in teaching in the 2005-6 academic year. During the “Ramón y Cajal” period I participated in graduate and undergraduate courses. Since September of 2009, that I got a Professor position, my teaching duties have significantly increased. I have taught Immunology (theory and laboratory courses), Microbiology (laboratory courses) in undergraduate courses. I have also participated in graduate teaching: Master of Microbiology (College of Pharmaceutical Sciences), Master of Immunology (College of Medicine) and Master of Virology (College of Veterinary). Currently I teach "Advanced Immunology" and I contribute to the Immunology Master.


I have obtained two Positive Evaluations of my Teaching activity by the Complutense University evaluation program, one with a 4.5 / 5 score (2 Evaluaciones docentes positivas (programa docentia de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, una de ellas con nota 4,5 sobre 5).


Other Spanish recognized merits