Complement physiopathology

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Elena Goicoechea de Jorge is a complement biologist whose main research interest is the study of the complement system and its association with pathology. Her research focuses in deciphering the molecular mechanisms by which dysregulation of the alternative pathway is associated with renal diseases including atypical haemolytic uremic syndrome, C3 glomerulopathy, IgA nephropathy and ANCA-associated vasculitis. In this context, understanding the biological role of the factor H-related protein family and how these proteins are involved in the pathogenesis of renal diseases is particularly important and represents the main research line in her lab. Her expertise includes genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, cell biology and animal models of complement dysregulation.

After seven years of a fruitful postdoctoral period in the UK, she settled in Madrid as a principal investigator were she established her own group at the Complutense University in 2015.

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Principal Investigator

Elena Goicoechea de Jorge

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Josué Gutiérrez Tenorio

Laura Lucientes Continente

Bárbara Márquez Tirado

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Emilia Arjona Bolaños

Adara Llamas Gutiérrez