Signal transduction and the cytoskeleton


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The primary focus of our group is the study of signal transduction pathways regulating the cytoskeleton in physiopathology

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Principal Investigator

Narcisa Martinez Quiles, Ph.D. 

Fulbright Scholar (since 2018). Former Harvard University Fellow (1997-2002) and Instructor (2002-4)

Position: Profesor Titular de Universidad

Department of Immunology-Ophtalmology-ENT. School of Medicine. UCM


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Recent Publications

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Lines of Research

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Members of the Group

Current Predoctoral Fellows
Sara Tur Gracia
Virginia Avila Oca 


Former Predoctoral Fellows

Elvira Nieto Pelegrin (2013)

María Eugenia Meiler (2015)

Reda Mohamed Salem (2015)

Former  Postdoctoral  Fellows

Marcos Díaz Muñoz

Visiting Fellows

Preeti Gupta.Master of Technology in Biochemical Engineering (Banaras Hindu University, 2009). Dates: 6 months in 2010.

Master students (Trabajo Fin de Máster)

Lidia Díaz-Rullo Romero.  2010-11 (Master in Microbiology, UCM)

María Benito-León. 2014-15 (Master in Immunology, UCM)

Noemí Martínez Hernández. 2016-17 (Master in Immunology, UCM)

Cecilia Huarte Sebastián. 2018-19 (Master in Immunology, UCM)

Alejandro Sánchez Rueda. 2018-19 (Master in Translational Medicine, UCM)

Undergraduate students (Trabajo Fin de Grado) 

Maria Benito León (Biochemistry). 2013-14.

 Iván Monge Lobo (Biochemistry). 2014-15

 LLuna Careaga Heres (Biochemistry). 2018-19

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