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Master's Degrees

How to apply

Admission Process

  1. Preregistration.

The students will pre-register using the standard model formalized by the University Complutense de Madrid, 

Go to 

Then click on 

Once in the Universidad Complutense Preregistration Platform enter your email on "Nombre del usuario" and click "Entrar". The application will send you a password to your email address. Use your email address and the password to access the Universidad Complutense Preregistration Platform. Then fill your personal data and upload the required documents.

We will then assess your application. Both the student’s academic record and the applicant’s CV will be taken into account for the admissions process.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration: academic record (80%); professional experience in a field related to the Master’s programme (5%); how does the applicant’s CV relate to the Master’s programme (10%); the applicant’s long-term projected career in relation to the Master’s programme (5%).

The results of the admission process will be published here:


Should you have any enquires about the pre-registration process please write to: admisionmaserofi@ucm.es


  1. Registration

Once your application is approved you can then enrol in the Master in Nationalism Studies.

To register follow the guidelines here:


The registration period takes place in the month of June.

Should you have any enquires about the registration process please write to: admisionmaserofi@ucm.es


Reserved Places:

The Universidad Complutense de Madrid reserves some places for students with disabilities and high-performance athlete students.

5 out of 100 places will be reserved for students that have a recognized degree of disability of or equal to 33 percent, or for those that suffer from a total impairment of speech or total hearing loss, as well as for those students with permanent special education needs associated with personal disability conditions.

3 out of 100 places will be reserved for students that the Consejo Superior de Deportes qualifies as high-performance athletes.