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Workshops and Congresses 2013 - 2014


Métodos Bayesianos'14.Madrid

Organizador: Miguel Á. Gómez Villegas (UCM)

Date:7 November, 2014

Place: Room Miguel de Guzmán, Faculty of Mathematics, UCM



The Energy of Mathematics: Two Days in the Occasion of the
70th Anniversary of S.N. Antontsev

Dates: NOVEMBER 11-12, 2013

Place: Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Contact: J.I. Díaz (

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1. The motion of the rigid body in a viscous fluid with collisions

N. Chemetov (Lisbon, Portugal)


2. Asymptotics of eigenstates of elliptic problems with mixed boundary data on domains tending to infinity

M. Chipot (Zurich, Switzerland)


3. On the free boundary for quenching type parabolic problems via local energy methods

J.I. Díaz (Madrid, Spain)


4. Applying Energy

G. Galiano (Oviedo, Spain)


5. Hyperbolic model of hyperelasticity and applications to high impact problems

S.L. Gavrilyuk (Marseille, France)

6. Prescribed conditions at infinity for parabolic equations

S. Kamin (Tel Aviv, Israel)


7. Mathematical models of a wormhole formation

A. Meirmanov (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and S. Mukhambetzhanov (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

8. Analysis of the existence for the steady Navier-Stokes equations with anisotropic diffusion

H. de Oliveira (Algarve, Portugal)


9. Homogenization of time harmonic Maxwell equations and the frequency dispersion effect

V. Shelukhin (Novosibirsk, Russia)

10. Localization and blow-up of solutions to evolution PDEs with nonstandard growth conditions

S. Shmarev (Oviedo, Spain)

11. On the stochastic ∆p problem

G. Vallet (Pau, France)


12. Scaling methods, energies and entropies in nonlinear diffusion

J.L. Vázquez (Madrid, Spain)

13. Initial trace of positive solutions of weakly superlinear parabolic equations

L. Veron (Tours, France)



Mathematics and Geosciences: Global and Local Perspectives

Date: 11/04/2013 to 11/08/2013

On the ocassion of the MPE 2013, the IMI, UCM, UPM and CSIC, want to highlight the decisive role Mathematics plays in the study of local as well as global issues in Earth Sciences.The following topics will be addressed:

Climatology Oceanography  Glaciology  The Earth's rotation  Volcanology  Seismology  Folding  Geomagnetic fields Image processing associated ecosystems Social and environmental aspects Natural disasters: Eearthquakes, Floods, Forest fires, Desertification, Volcanism, Space wheather Alternative energies: wind and geothermal power Environmental sustainability : Energy. Hydro power Structure and dynamics of the litosphere

These topics will be addressed in a global perspective on the Earth as well as in a local point of view on Earth Science

Organizing committee:

J.I. Díaz (IMI; UCM), F.J. Elorza (UPM), J. Fernández (IGEO; CSIC), M. de León (ICMAT; CSIC), R. Orive (UAM), M.L. Osete (UCM)

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