Institutos Universitarios

PhD courses 2010 - 2011

Summer course UCM

Marte y Sociedad

July 13-15 , 2011
Place: El Escorial


PhD Course

Introducción a los Espacios de Ramsey

Jordi López Abad, CSIC-ICMAT

First day: June 3, 2011

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 to 12 h.

Course of 20 hours (3 weeks)

Meeting room 238, Faculty of Mathematics, UCM, Madrid

Organized by Programa de Doctorado en Investigación Matemática and IMI


Front propagation in nonlinear diffusion equations

Hiroshi Matano, University of Tokio, Japan

Madrid, April 4 - 8, 2011

Place: Room Alberto Dou, nº 209, Faculty of Mathematics, UCM

Organized by Dpt. of Applied Mathematics, Research Group MOMAT, FIRST and IMI

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