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Miguel Herraiz Sarachaga

Profesor Emérito (Emeritus Professor)
Department of Physics of the Earth and Astrophysics
School of Physical Sciences
Complutense University of Madrid
Research Group: “Estructura y Dinámica de la Tierra, Técnicas de GPS y Estudios Ionosféricos”
Project; Kuk-Ahpan: “Estudio regional integrado de la estructura y evolución 4D de la litosfera en América Central. Implicaciones en el cálculo de la amenaza y riesgo sísmico”.  RTI2018-094827-B-C21. IP: Diego Córdoba




Emeritus Professor at Complutense University of Madrid since 2018. PhD in Physics since 1982.
Visiting scientist at:
Seismographic Station of the University of California (Berkeley, California), (5 months, 1982, 1986)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts) (5 months, 1984)
U.S. Geological Survey in Golden (Colorado) (2 months, 1988)
Visiting Professor at;
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Lima (Perú) (where was awarded Honorary Professor) (4 months, 1994,1995)
"Abdus Salam" International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy) Telecommunications/ICT Development Laboratory (T/ICT4D) (8 months, 2006,2015,2016) 


Research interests

In Seismology special attention has been paid to problems concerning radiative transfer theory, scattering phenomena applied to seismic coda waves and seismic engineering. With respect to Geomagnetism, the research has focused on the Ionosphere, with a particular emphasis on electron density anomalies and theireffect on electromagnetic signals transmission. In the last years a special stress has been put on the study of the Martian ionosphere and magnetic field, and the impact of Solar-Terrestrial phenomena on the Earth´s ionosphere. Since 2010 until 2015 was Member of the MARS METNET SCIENCE TEAM.

This scientific activity has been complemented by a continuous attention to the International Cooperation. Some of the activities in this field are:
Scientific Missions: Spanish Geophysical Mission in Manizales (Colombia) to collaborate in the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano emergency (November-December, 1985).
Technical Assistance to Central America on Natural Hazards (1999)    
Academic Activities: Seminars on Seismology in Colombia (Universidad del Valle, Cali, 1995,1996), Perú (Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, Arequipa, 1995) and El Salvador (Universidad Nacional de El Salvador, 2002).


Latest Publications

  • S. A. Campuzano, F. Delgado-Gómez, Y. Migoya-Orué, G. Rodríguez-Caderot, M. Herraiz-Sarachaga, S. M. Radicella. Study of Ionosphere Irregularities over the Iberian Peninsula during two Moderate Geomagnetic Storms Using GNSS and Ionosonde Observations. Atmosphere 2023, 14, 233.
  • M. Sánchez-Bayton, M. Herraiz, P. Martín, B. Sánchez-Cano, E. Tréguier, A. Kereszturi. Morphometric and topographic data of small and medium size landforms in the Northern Circumpolar Region of Mars. Data in Brief, august 2022, volumen 43,